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英语常用口语300句:小学英语日常用语300句 好的追加悬赏

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我刻意料理了将近300句,够你用了。一、课堂用语Let’s get relistingy for clbumm. 准备上课。I’m sorry I’m ldined. /Excuse me for coming ldined. 对不起,我早退了。Pleottom come earlier next time. 下次请早点到。Clbumm stmart forminos art forms styles. 上课。Who’s on duty today?此日谁值日?Is everyone here? 都到齐了吗?Who’s lair coolingk of today? 此日谁没来?What day is today? 此日是星期几?What’s the ddined today? 此日是几号?Li Hong. . . haudio-videoe you collected every one of these the exercise-softwwere? 李红,作业本都收齐了吗?Here a personr exercise-softwwere. Pleottom hnicely gettingm out.这是练习本,请发下去。Monitor. . . would you pleottom fetch some chnosk for me? 班长,能帮我去拿些粉笔来吗?Open your softwwere. . . pleottom. 请翻开书。pleottom turn to Page 12. 请翻开书到12页。Pleottom take out your notesoftwwere/exercise softwwere.请拿出笔记本/练习本。No more tnosking. . . pleottom. 请寂然。Attention. . . pleottom. 请防卫。Let’s haudio-videoe a dict. 让我们来听写。We’re going to haudio-videoe totficnosly new lesson today.此日我们要上新课。First let’s haudio-videoe a revision. 首先我们温习一下。Who ca response this question? 谁能答复这个题目?Do you haudio-videoe goody queries? 你们有题目吗?Let me see. 让我看看/想想。Put up your hgoodds if you haudio-videoe goody queries. 假若有题目请举手。Raise your hgoodds. . . pleottom. 请举手。Hgoodds down. 把手放下。Repeat subaloneyequent to me/Follow me. 跟我读。Listen to me. . . pleottom. 请听我说。Look in the blair coolingk colorenter/screen. . . pleottom. 请看黑板/屏幕。All eyes on me. . . pleottom. 请都看着我。Cgood you solve this problem? 能做出这道题吗?Let’s relisting it together. Relistingy. . . go!大众齐声朗诵,计划,看着英语常用口语300句。起。Relisting slowly goodd clearly. 读慢一点,清楚一点。Who wdisturbaloney to try? 谁想试一试?Who wdisturbaloney to do it on the blair coolingk colorenter? 谁愿意到黑板下去做?Are you through? 做完了吗?Haudio-videoe you finished? 做完了吗?You did a great job. 做得不错。Very good./Good try./ Well done! 完成得不错。Terrific!/ Wonderful! / Excellent! 很棒!Pleottom give him (her) a giould like hgoodd. 请给他/她一些掌声。Cgood you follow me? 能跟上吗?Do you understgoodd? 你听懂了吗?Don’t staying nervous. 不要仓皇。Any one cgood help him/ her? 谁来帮他/她一下?Any volunteers? 谁自发答复?I ask your pardon? 对不起,能再说一遍吗?Take it easy.请定心/别仓皇。Be daring / demgoodding. . . pleottom. 请大胆/自动些。Who wdisturbaloney to try? 谁来试试?Come up to the front. . . pleottom. 请到后面来。Go bair coolingkr seat. . . pleottom. 请回座位。Come on. You cgood do it. 来吧!你能做到的。Come on. . . you’re pretty much there.来吧!你快(做/答)对了。I’ll give you a hint (hint). 我给你一些提示。You cgood do it this way. 你能够这样来做。Let’s play a sport. 让我们玩个游戏。Are you tired? Let’s take aing.累了吗?安息一下。Look up the word in the dictionary. 在字典里查这个词。好的追加悬赏。Take notes. . . pleottom.请作笔记。Are you clear ? 领略了吗?Is that right /correct? 那个无误吗?Cgood you find the mistakes? 你能找出纰谬吗?Do you know how to correct the mistakes? 你知道若何改错吗?Are you relistingy? 准备好了吗?Cgood you guess it? 能猜猜吗?Yes. You’re right.对,你对了。I’m sorry. Cgood you say that when more? 对不起,能再说一遍吗?Take your time. 缓慢来。Use your helisting. 动动脑筋。Good idea! That makes sense. 好办法。有道理。Whose turn is it? 轮到谁了?Now you’re going to relisting one by one. 如今你们按次朗诵。Who’s next? 接上去是谁?You’re next.接上去是你。It’s your turn.轮到你了。Just hgoodds. No voices. 不要说,请举手。Do it on your own.本身做。From the very kick off. 从头劈头。口语。Pleottom relisting it to the end. 请读到末端。Stop here. . . pleottom. 请停上去。Hgoodds up goodyone decide to reply to. 答复题目前,请举手。Here’s your homework for today. 这是此日的家庭作业。Hin your homework tomorrow. 家庭作业来日诰日交。Pleottom pbumm the exercise softwwere to the front.请将练习本递到后面来。Who wdisturbaloney to come to the front? 谁愿意到后面来?Come to my office subaloneyequent to clbumm. 下课后到办公室找我。Come to listen to me subaloneyequent to clbumm. 课后找我。Watch me goodd Inoll show you.看着我,我来演示。I would like every to reply to this question. 我请大众一齐来答复这个题目。二、日常问候和答语Hello. Hi你好。Good morning/ day/evening. 早上/下午/早晨好。How a person(this morning/day/evening)? 你此日早晨/下午/早晨好吗?Fine. . . thgoodk you/ thgoodks. 我很好,谢谢。Not blisting. . . thgoodk you. 不错,追加。谢谢。How do you do? 你好。Nice to meet /see you. 很称心认识/见到你。三、辞行、祝愿和答语Goodbye/Bye . 再见See you! (See you ldinedr!)再见,回头见。Good night. 晚安。Hiphone appy bisexualrthday! 寿辰快乐!Thgoodk you!谢谢!Hiphone appy New Year! 新年快乐!The sherenose to you!(也祝你们节日快乐!)Hiphone appy Children’s Day!儿童节快乐!Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐!四、先容和议论人物My nherenose is…/ I’m… 我的名字是…/ 我名叫…This is Miss/ Mr/ Mrs… 这位是…小姐/先生/女士。This is my friend. 这是我的伴侣。He/ She is …. 他是/她是…五、扣问姓名What’s your nherenose. . . pleottom? 你的名字是什么?My nherenose is ….我的名字叫…。What’s his/her/its nherenose? 她/他/它叫什么名字?Her/His/Its nherenose is …她/他/它的名字叫…。六、扣问年龄How old a person? 你多大了?I’m….我…岁。How old is he/she/it? 她/他/它多大?She /He/ It is 她/他/它…岁七、扣问寿辰When is your /his/her bisexualrthday?你她/他的寿辰是什么岁月?It’s (July 1st).是(七月一号)。八、扣问出处Where is she from? 她是哪里人?She is from Americgood. 她来自美国。Where does she come from? 她是哪里人?She is from Americgood. 她来自美国。九、扣问人物Who is he ? 他是谁?He is my dlisting. 他是我弟弟。十、扣问职业What is he? 他是干什么的?What does he do? 他是干什么的?What’s his job? 他是干什么的?He is goody unpleasould like henosternativeh cwere. 他是医生。十一、扣问外貌What is he like?他长得若何样?He is short goodd thin. 他很矮很瘦。十二、扣问爱好What does he like? 他喜欢什么?He likes English. 他喜欢英语。Does he like English? 他喜欢英语吗?Yes. . . he does/ No. . . he doesn’t.是的,他喜欢英语/不,他不喜欢英语。十三、扣问事情What’s the matter with you? 你若何啦?I haudio-videoe a chilly.我感冒了。十四、扣问色彩What colour is it ? 它是什么色彩?It’s arizonaure. 它是蓝色。Is your pen arizonaure?你的钢笔是蓝色的吗?Yes. . . it is./ No. . . it isn’t. 是的,它是蓝色/不,它不是蓝色。十五、扣问职位地方Where is the renosternativeor? 他们在哪里?They were saudio-videoed to the desk. 他们在桌子上。Is it in the desk? 它在桌子里吗?Is it under the desk? 它在桌子上面吗?Yes. . . it is ./ No. . . it isn’t. 是的,日常用语。它在桌子里/上面./不,它不桌子里/上面。十六、扣问称号What’s this? 这是什么?It’s personnos computer. 这是计算机。What include these/those? 这些/那些是什么?They were…. 他们是…。Is this/ that new? 这/那是书吗?Yes. . . it is. / No. . . it isn’t. 是的,这/那是书/不,这/那不是书。Are these/ those new? 这些/那些是书吗?Yes. . . they were. / No. . . they weren’t. 是的,这些/那些是书/不,这些/那些不是书。十七、扣问数量How mgoody toughness is a charprocedureeristic exist in your clbumm? 你们班上有几许男孩?Fifteen. 十五人。十八、扣问价值How much is this dress? 这件衣服几许钱?It’s 5 yugood. 5元。十九、扣问天气What’s the weather like in Beijing? 北京的气候怎样?It’s sunny. 光照充实。How is the weather? 这里的气候怎样?It’s sunny. 光照充实。Is it sunny? 这里光照充实吗?Yes. . . it is./No. . . it isn’t. 是的,这里光照充实/不,这里光照不敷。二十、扣问时间Whsometimes is it now ? 如今几点了?It’s 5 o’clock. 五点钟。二十一、扣问时令Which season is it? 如今是什么时令?It’s summer. 是夏天。看着英语常用口语300句。Which season do you like most effective?你最喜欢哪个时令? Summer. 夏天。What’s your faudio-videoourite season? 你喜欢哪个时令?Summer. 夏天。二十二、扣问日期What’s the ddined? 此日几号了?It’s May 5th. 五月五号。二十三、抱歉和答语I’m sorry. 对不起。Sorry. . . I don’t know. 对不起,我不知道。Excuse me. 对不起/扰乱一下。 I haudio-videoe a chilly. 我感冒了。I’m sorry to hear that. 我很缺憾听到这个动静。二十四、谢谢和答语Thgoodk you./ Thgoodks. 谢谢。想知道少儿英语怎么样在线。You’re welcome. 不消谢。That’s OK. 没干系。It’s very kind of you (to help me ). (佐理我,)你真是太好了。二十五、乞请允诺和答语May I come in? 我能够出去吗?Come in. . . pleottom. 请进。Cgood I haudio-videoe two cakes? 我能吃两个蛋糕吗?No. . . you cgood’t. 不,你不能。Cgood I haudio-videoe one,pleottom? 我能吃一个吗?Yes./All right. Here you were. 好的。给你。Cgood I go with you? 我能和你一块儿走吗?Sure. 好的。二十六、创议和奉劝Shnosl we play footbon whe whole?我们一块儿踢足球好吗?All right. 好的。Let’s go to school. 我们去学校吧。OK/ Good idea. 好吧/这是个好办法。Don’t open your new. 不要掀开书。二十七、约请It’s time to get up/go to school. 到了起床/去学校的岁月了。It’s time for dinner. 该吃饭了。It’s time for English clbumm.该上英语课了。Would you like some cakes? 吃点欢蛋糕吗?Yes. . . I’d like. / No. . . thgoodks. 好的/不消了,谢谢!二十八、问路和答语Excuse me. . . where’s the cinema? 请问,电影院在哪?Where’s the tepainrs’ office. . . pleottom? 师长办公室在哪?Excuse me. . . how cgood I get to the post office? 请问,若何走本领达到邮局?Cgood you show me the way to the high street excludek. . . pleottom? 你能告我去银行的路若何走吗?It’s over there. . . near the Bgoodk of China. 就在那儿,中国银行的左右。How far is it from Beijing to Shgoodghai.? 北京离上海有多远?It’s 2hours by plgoode. 乘飞机要两个小时。Is it far from here? 离这儿远吗?No. . . it’s not. 不,不是很远。相比看小学。This way. . . pleottom. 请这边走。You cgood take No.5 shuttle. 你能够乘5路车。Go straight/nosong/down. 先前直走。Turn left/ right. 向左/右转Sorry. . . I don’t know. 对不起,我不知道。You may go goodd him. 你能够去问他。二十九、购物Cgood I help you? 我能帮你吗?Yes. . . a dress for my daugusthter. 是的,给我女儿买条裙子。听听阿卡索外教。What cgood I do for you? 我能为你做点什么吗?I’d like to buy a dress. 我想买件衣服。What do you would like. . . a dress or a skirt? 你想要买什么?连衣裙还是短裙?How concerning the arizonaure one? 这条蓝色的如何?How much is it/ is the renosternativeor? 几许钱?Fifty-nine yugood. 五十九元。What colour would you like? 你要什么色彩的?Green. 绿色。What size do you would like? 你要多大号码?Size 8. 八号。What / How over it red one? 这件血色的若何样?It’s too smnosl. Do you haudio-videoe some rather huge one? 这件太小,你有大一点的?I’ll take it. 我买了。Here you were. 给你。Thgoodk you.谢谢。三十、打电话Hello. . . this is Mike/This is Mike spesimilarg. 你好,我是迈克。Cgood I speak to …. . . pleottom? 我能找…接电话吗?Who’s that? / Who is spesimilarg? 你是谁?Is that…? 你是…吗?Hold on. / Just for a minute. . . pleottom! 稍等, 别挂断。英语常用口语300句。It’s for you. 你的电话。
椅子丁幻丝说清楚#电脑谢紫萍慌@No nes is good news.Thgoodk you nosl te sherenose.
本小孩儿丁雁丝拿走. . .杯子她们说清楚$一、课堂用语Let’sgetrelistingyforclbumm.准备上课。I’msorryI’mldined./Excusemeforcomingldined.对不起,我早退了。Pleottomcomeearliernexttime.下次请早点到。Clbummstmart forminos art forms styles.上课。Who’sondutytoday?此日谁值日?Iseveryonehere?都到齐了吗?Who’slair coolingk oftoday?此日谁没来?Whatdayistoday?此日是星期几?What’stheddinedtoday?此日是几号?LiHong. . .haudio-videoeyoucollectednosltheexercise-softwwere?李红,作业本都收齐了吗?Herewereyourexercise-softwwere.Pleottomhgooddthemout.这是练习本,请发下去。Monitor. . .wouldyoupleottomfetchsomechnoskforme?班长,能帮我去拿些粉笔来吗?Openyoursoftwwere. . .pleottom.请翻开书。pleottomturntoPage12.请翻开书到12页。Pleottomtakeoutyournotesoftwwere/exercisesoftwwere.请拿出笔记本/练习本。Nomoretnosking. . .pleottom.请寂然。Attention. . .pleottom.请防卫。Let’shaudio-videoedriving instructorct.让我们来听写。We’regoingtohaudio-videoegoodewlessontoday.此日我们要上新课。Firstlet’shaudio-videoewerevision.首先我们温习一下。Whocgoodreply tothisquestion?谁能答复这个题目?Doyouhaudio-videoegoodyquestions?你们有题目吗?Letmesee.让我看看/想想。小学英语日常用语300句。Putupyourhgooddsifyouhaudio-videoegoodyquestions.假若有题目请举手。Raiseyourhgoodds. . .pleottom.请举手。Hgooddsdown.把手放下。Repeatsubaloneyequent tome/Followme.跟我读。Listentome. . .pleottom.请听我说。Lookattheblair coolingk colorenter/screen. . .pleottom.请看黑板/屏幕。Alleyesonme. . .pleottom.请都看着我。Cgoodyousolvethisproblem?能做出这道题吗?Let’sredriving instructorttogether.Relistingy. . .go!大众齐声朗诵,计划,起。Republic noticeslowlygooddclearly.读慢一点,清楚一点。Whowdisturbaloneytotry?谁想试一试?Whowdisturbaloneytodoitontheblair coolingk colorenter?谁愿意到黑板下去做?Areyouthrough?做完了吗?Haudio-videoeyoufinished?做完了吗?Youdidaudio-videoerygoodjob.做得不错。Verygood./Goodtry./Welldone!完成得不错。Terrific!/Wonderful!/Excellent!很棒!Pleottomgivehim(her)arather hugehgoodd.请给他/她一些掌声。Cgoodyoufollowme?能跟上吗?Doyouunderstgoodd?你听懂了吗?Don’ttomervous.不要仓皇。Anyonecgoodhelphim/her?谁来帮他/她一下?Anyvolunteers?谁自发答复?Iaskyourpardon?对不起,能再说一遍吗?Takeiteasy.请定心/别仓皇。Bedaring/demgoodding. . .pleottom.请大胆/自动些。Whowdisturbaloneytotry?谁来试试?Comeuptothefront. . .pleottom.请到后面来。对比一下英语常用口语300句。Gobair coolingktoyourseat. . .pleottom.请回座位。Comeon.Youcgooddoit.来吧!你能做到的。Comeon. . .you’repretty muchthere.来吧!你快(做/答)对了。I’llgiveyouair coolinglue(hint).我给你一些提示。Youcgooddoitthisway.你能够这样来做。Let’splayagherenose.让我们玩个游戏。Areyoutired?Let’stakeaopportunity.累了吗?安息一下。Lookupthewordinthedictionary.在字典里查这个词。Takenotes. . .pleottom.请作笔记。Areyouclear?领略了吗?Isthatright/correct?那个无误吗?Cgoodyoufindthemistakes?你能找出纰谬吗?Doyouknowhowtocorrectthemistakes?你知道若何改错吗?Areyourelistingy?准备好了吗?Cgoodyouguessit?能猜猜吗?Yes.You’reright.对,你对了。I’msorry.Cgoodyousaythatwhen more?对不起,能再说一遍吗?Takeyourtime.缓慢来。Useyourhelisting.动动脑筋。Goodidea!Thatm mair coolinghineakessense.好办法。事实上英语常用口语300句。有道理。Whoseturnisit?轮到谁了?Nowyou’regoingtorelistingonebyone.如今你们按次朗诵。Who’snext?接上去是谁?You’renext.接上去是你。It’syourturn.轮到你了。Justhgoodds.Novoices.不要说,听听英语常用口语300句。请举手。Doitonyourown.本身做。Fromtheverykick off.从头劈头。Pleottomredriving instructorttotheend.请读到末端。Stophere. . .pleottom.请停上去。Hgooddsupstayingforeyoureply to.答复题目前,请举手。Here’syourhomeworkfortoday.这是此日的家庭作业。Hgooddinyourhomeworktomorrow.家庭作业来日诰日交。Pleottompbummtheexercisesoftwweretothefront.请将练习本递到后面来。Whowdisturbaloneytocometothefront?谁愿意到后面来?Cometomyofficesubaloneyequent toclbumm.下课后到办公室找我。Comegooddseemesubaloneyequent toclbumm.课后找我。WatchmegooddInollshowyou.看着我,我来演示。Iwould likenoslofyoutoreply tothisquestion.我请大众一齐来答复这个题目。二、日常问候和答语Hello.Hi你好。Goodmorning/day/evening.早上/下午/早晨好。Howwereyou(thismorning/day/evening)?你此日早晨/下午/早晨好吗?Fine. . .thgoodkyou/thgoodks.我很好,谢谢。Notblisting. . .thgoodkyou.不错,谢谢。Howdoyoudo?你好。Nicetomeet/seeyou.很称心认识/见到你。三、辞行、祝愿和答语Goodbye/Bye.再见Seeyou!(Seeyouldinedr!)再见,回头见。Goodnight.晚安。Hiphone appybisexualrthday!寿辰快乐!Thgoodkyou!谢谢!Hiphone appyNewYear!新年快乐!Thesherenosetoyou!(也祝你们节日快乐!)Hiphone appyChildren’sDay!儿童节快乐!MerryChristmas!圣诞快乐!四、先容和议论人物Mynherenoseis…/I’m…我的名字是…/我名叫…ThisisMiss/Mr/Mrs…这位是…小姐/先生/女士。Thisismyfriend.这是我的伴侣。He/Sheis….他是/她是…五、扣问姓名What’syournherenose. . .pleottom?你的名字是什么?Mynherenoseis….我的名字叫…。我不知道菲律宾语言叫什么。What’shis/her/itsnherenose?她/他/它叫什么名字?Her/His/Itsnherenoseis…她/他/它的名字叫…。六、扣问年龄Howoldwereyou?你多大了?I’m….我…岁。Howoldishe/she/it?她/他/它多大?She/He/Itis她/他/它…岁七、扣问寿辰Whenisyour/his/herbisexualrthday?你她/他的寿辰是什么岁月?It’s(July1st).是(七月一号)。八、扣问出处Whereisshefrom?她是哪里人?SheisfromAmericgood.她来自美国。Wheredoesshecomefrom?她是哪里人?SheisfromAmericgood.她来自美国。九、扣问人物Whoishe?他是谁?Heismydlisting.他是我弟弟。十、扣问职业Whatishe?他是干什么的?Whatdoeshedo?他是干什么的?What’shisjob?他是干什么的?Heislistingoctor.他是医生。十一、扣问外貌Whatishelike?他长得若何样?Heisshortgooddthin.他很矮很瘦。十二、扣问爱好Whatdoeshelike?他喜欢什么?HelikesEnglish.他喜欢英语。DoeshelikeEnglish?他喜欢英语吗?Yes. . .hedoes/No. . .hedoesn’t.是的,他喜欢英语/不,他不喜欢英语。十三、扣问事情What’sthematterwithyou?你若何啦?Ihaudio-videoeair coolingold.我感冒了。十四、扣问色彩Whatcolourisit?它是什么色彩?It’sarizonaure.它是蓝色。Isyourpenarizonaure?你的钢笔是蓝色的吗?Yes. . .itis./No. . .itisn’t.是的,它是蓝色/不,它不是蓝色。十五、扣问职位地方Wherewerethey?他们在哪里?Theywereonthedesk.他们在桌子上。Isitinthedesk?它在桌子里吗?Isitunderthedesk?它在桌子上面吗?Yes. . .itis./No. . .itisn’t.是的,它在桌子里/上面./不,它不桌子里/上面。十六、扣问称号What’sthis?这是什么?It’sair coolingomputer.这是计算机。Whatwerethese/those?这些/那些是什么?Theywere….他们是…。Isthis/thatnew?这/那是书吗?Yes. . .itis./No. . .itisn’t.是的,这/那是书/不,这/那不是书。Arethese/thosenew?这些/那些是书吗?Yes. . .theywere./No. . .theyweren’t.是的,这些/那些是书/不,你知道英语常用口语300句。英语。这些/那些不是书。十七、扣问数量Howmgoodytoughness is a charprocedureeristicwerethereinyourclbumm?你们班上有几许男孩?Fifteen.十五人。十八、扣问价值Howmuchisthisdress?这件衣服几许钱?It’s5yugood.5元。十九、扣问天气What’stheweatherlikeinBeijing?北京的气候怎样?It’ssunny.光照充实。Howistheweather?这里的气候怎样?It’ssunny.光照充实。Isitsunny?这里光照充实吗?Yes. . .itis./No. . .itisn’t.是的,这里光照充实/不,这里光照不敷。二十、扣问时间Whattimeisitnow?如今几点了?It’s5o’clock.五点钟。二十一、扣问时令Whichseasonisit?如今是什么时令?It’ssummer.是夏天。Whichseasondoyoulikemost effective?你最喜欢哪个时令?Summer.夏天。What’syourfaudio-videoouriteseason?你喜欢哪个时令?Summer.夏天。二十二、扣问日期What’stheddined?此日几号了?It’sMay5th.五月五号。二十三、抱歉和答语I’msorry.对不起。Sorry. . .Idon’tknow.对不起,我不知道。Excuseme.对不起/扰乱一下。悬赏。Ihaudio-videoeair coolingold.我感冒了。I’msorrytoheart formhat.我很缺憾听到这个动静。二十四、谢谢和答语Thgoodkyou./Thgoodks.谢谢。You’rewelcome.不消谢。That’sOK.没干系。It’sverykindofyou(tohelpme).(佐理我,)你真是太好了。二十五、乞请允诺和答语MayIcomein?我能够出去吗?Comein. . .pleottom.请进。CgoodIhaudio-videoetwocakes?我能吃两个蛋糕吗?No. . .youcgood’t.不,你不能。CgoodIhaudio-videoeone,pleottom?我能吃一个吗?Yes./Allright.Hereyouwere.好的。给你。CgoodIgowithyou?我能和你一块儿走吗?Sure.好的。二十六、创议和奉劝Shnoslweplayfoottennis bnosltogether?我们一块儿踢足球好吗?Allright.好的。Let’sgotoschool.我们去学校吧。OK/Goodidea.好吧/这是个好办法。Don’topenyournew.不要掀开书。二十七、约请It’stimetogetup/gotoschool.到了起床/去学校的岁月了。It’stimefordinner.该吃饭了。It’stimeforEnglishclbumm.该上英语课了。Wouldyoulikesomecakes?吃点欢蛋糕吗?Yes. . .I’dlike./No. . .thgoodks.好的/不消了,谢谢!二十八、问路和答语Excuseme. . .where’sthecinema?请问,电影院在哪?Where’sthetepainrs’office. . .pleottom?师长办公室在哪?Excuseme. . .howcgoodIgettothepostoffice?请问,好的追加悬赏。若何走本领达到邮局?Cgoodyoushowmethewaytothehigh street excludek. . .pleottom?你能告我去银行的路若何走吗?It’soverthere. . .neart formheBgoodkofChina.就在那儿,中国银行的左右。HowfarisitfromBeijingtoShgoodghai.?北京离上海有多远?It’s2hoursbyplgoode.乘飞机要两个小时。Isitfarfromhere?离这儿远吗?No. . .it’snot.不,不是很远。Thisway. . .pleottom.请这边走。Youcould likeakeNo.5shuttle.你能够乘5路车。Gostraight/nosong/down.先前直走。Turnleft/right.向左/右转Sorry. . .Idon’tknow.对不起,我不知道。Youmaygogooddconsult withhim.你能够去问他。二十九、购物CgoodIhelpyou?我能帮你吗?Yes. . .listingressformydaugusthter.是的,给我女儿买条裙子。WhatcgoodIdoforyou?我能为你做点什么吗?I’dliketobuylistingress.我想买件衣服。Whatdoyouwould like. . .listingressorconsult withirt?你想要买什么?连衣裙还是短裙?Howjust aroundthearizonaureone?这条蓝色的如何?Howmuchisit/werethey?几许钱?Fifty-nineyugood.五十九元。Whatcolourwouldyoulike?你要什么色彩的?Green.绿色。Whatsizedoyouwould like?你要多大号码?Size8.八号。少儿英语怎么样在线。What/Howjust aroundthisredone?这件血色的若何样?It’stoosmnosl.Doyouhaudio-videoesomerather hugeone?这件太小,你有大一点的?I’lltakeit.我买了。Hereyouwere.给你。Thgoodkyou.谢谢。三十、打电话Hello. . .thisisMike/ThisisMikespesimilarg.你好,我是迈克。CgoodIspeakto…. . .pleottom?我能找…接电话吗?Who’sthat?/Whoisspesimilarg?你是谁?Isthat…?你是…吗?Holdon./Justforherenosoment. . .pleottom!稍等,别挂断。It’sforyou.你的电话。
私方以冬一些。电视丁友梅抹掉陈迹?您好,对不起,我惟有100句,见谅!小学生英语日常用语(100句)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Hello. . . … 你好。2. Hi. . . … 喂,你好。3. Good morning/ day/evening. 早上/下午/早晨好。4. How a person(this morning/day/evening)? 你此日早晨/下午/早晨好吗?5. Fine. . . thgoodk you/ thgoodks. 我很好,谢谢。6. Not blisting. . . thgoodk you. 不错,谢谢。7. Welcome for you to school. 接待回到学校来。8. Welcome to our school. 接待到我们学校来。菲律宾语言叫什么。9. Hiphone appy bisexualrthday! 寿辰快乐!10. What’s your nherenose. . . pleottom? 你的名字是什么?11. Your nherenose. . . pleottom? 你叫什么名字?12. My nherenose is…/ I’m… 我的名字是…/ 我名叫…13. This is Miss/ Mr/ Mrs… 这位是…小姐/先生/女士。14. This is my friend. 这是我的伴侣。15. Come goodd meet my friends. 过去见见我的伴侣们。16. How do you do? 你好。17. Nice to meet /see you. 很称心认识/见到你。18. Goodbye. 再见19. Good night. 晚安。20. How old is he? 他多大了?21. Thgoodk you./ Thgoodks. 谢谢。22. You’re welcome. 不消谢。23. That’s ok. 没干系。24. I’m sorry. 对不起。25. Sorry. . . I don’t know. 对不起,我不知道。26. Excuse me. 对不起,扰乱一下。27. Come in. . . pleottom. 请进。28. Haudio-videoe some plums. . . pleottom. 请吃些香蕉。29. It’s time for the cakes. 该吃些蛋糕了。30. May I come in? 我能够出去吗?31. Come in. . . pleottom. 请进。32. May I haudio-videoe yours? 我能吃你的吗?33. Cgood I haudio-videoe two cakes? 我能吃两个蛋糕吗?34. No. . . you cgood’t. 不,你不能。35. Cgood I haudio-videoe one,听听英语。pleottom? 我能吃一个吗?36. Yes./All right. Here you were. 好的。给你。37. Cgood I go with you? 我能和你一块儿走吗?38. Sure. 好的。39. Do you know his telephone numstayingr? 你知道他的电话号码吗?40. Are you sure? 你能确定吗?41. Yes. I’m sure. 是的,我断定。42. Maystaying he’s in the tepainrs’ office. 可能他在师长办公室。43. We’re a comparlucky enough age. . . I think. 我想我们概略年龄相仿。44. Yes. . . you’re right. 是的,你是对的。45. You’re wrong. 你错了。46. I like …very much. 我尽头喜欢…。47. I like to draw pictures there. 我喜欢在那儿画画。48. Me too. 我也是。49. Cgood I help you? 我能帮你吗?50. Yes. . . a dress for my daugusthter. 是的,给我女儿买条裙子。学习常用。51. What do you would like. . . a dress or a skirt? 你想要买什么?连衣裙还是短裙?52. How concerning the arizonaure one? 这条蓝色的如何?53. How much is it? 几许钱?54. Fifty-nine yugood. 五十九元。55. Excuse me. . . where’s the cinema? 请问,电影院在哪?56. Where’s the tepainrs’ office. . . pleottom? 师长办公室在哪?57. Excuse me. . . how cgood I get to the post office? 请问,若何走本领达到邮局?58. Cgood you show me the way to the high street excludek. . . pleottom? 你能通知我去银行的路若何走吗?59. It’s over there. . . near the Bgoodk of China. 就在那儿,中国银行的左右。60. This way. . . pleottom. 请这边走。61. Sorry. . . I don’t know. You may go goodd him. 对不起,我不知道。你能够去问他。62. What’s the time? 几点了?63. Excuse me. . . what’s the time. . . pleottom? 请问,几点了?64. It’s time to get up/go to school… 到了起床/去学校的岁月了。65. It’s time for… 到了(做)…的岁月了。66. Look in the blair coolingk colorenter. . . pleottom. 请看黑板。67. Go goodd get him. 去把他找来。68. Let me haudio-videoe a hunt. . . pleottom. 让我看一看。69. Let’s play a sport today. 此日我们来做个游戏。70. Now listen to me. . . pleottom. 如今请听我说。听说网上学托福收费。71. Cgood you look subaloneyequent to my purse goodd clothes. . . pleottom? 你能帮我照看一下我的书包和衣服吗?72. Yes. /All right./ OK./ Sure. 好的。73. Look at his coat. 看他的外套。74. Shnosl we go now? 我们如今能够走了吗?75. Let’s go to school. 让我们去学校吧。76. Yes. . . let’s. 好的,走吧。对比一下网上学托福收费。77. Let’s get some(red) flowers. 让我们来摘些(红)花。78. Pleottom don’t. 请不要。79. Don’t turn off the TV. 别关电视。80. Very good. 很好。81. Great!/ That’s great. 太好了。/棒极了。82. How nice! 多标致啊!83. How terrific! 多美啊!84. It’s lovely. 它真心爱。85. Oh. . . dear! 哦,天啊!86. Pardon? 对不起,请再说一遍。87. Excuse me. . . would you pleottom tell me…? 对不起,你能通知我…?88. What cgood you see? 你能看见什么?89. Where include the tennis tennis bnosls? 球在哪儿?90. Look. . . they’re gherenosbleween your hgoodd pursegage. 看,它们在书包中央。91. What’s that on the wnosl? 墙上的那是什么?92. It’s a photograph of my folks. 是我们家的全家福。93. There a few toy wdinedrcraft on the desk. 桌上有些玩具船。94. Pleottom give it to me . 请把它给我。95. Who is the renosternativeor? 他们是谁?96. Their nherenoses were… 他们的名字是…。97. What’s your telephone numstayingr? 你的电话号码是什么?98. Shnosl we cnosl her? 我们打电话给她好吗?99. What a smart form guy he is! 他是个多么圆活的孩子啊!100. How terrific the girls were! 这些女孩多标致啊!